Keira Watering Can – Product Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

The Keira watering can is of a very snazzy and funky design which is beautiful but also practical and useable.

Keira watering can apple greenDesigned by world-renowned designer Igor Juric, creator of the first Croatian electric car and owner of several international patents who is guided by the motto "Design for the Planet” under which the mentioned electric car was designed and produced.

The Keira watering can is the first and only 2 liter, 5 liter and 10 liter stackable watering can in the world and the design concept enables easy transportation, storage and positioning inside stores. This is not necessarily something that will benefit the user in the garden shed as he or she will more than likely not have several of the same size but nevertheless it will benefit the Planet as far as the environmental footprint of shipping is concerned.

Made in Croatia by Strazaplastika, a manufacturer and distributor of plastic goods with over 50 years of experience, from polypropylene. While the Kiera watering can is made from virgin plastic, as said PP, it is an easily recyclable material, does not contain BPA (generally) and being, as said, Made in Croatia instead of Made in China, as is generally the case with the great majority of plastic products, and this is already a plus point.

The second plus point is that the Kiera watering can looks great and works a treat. It is easy to fill and pours well and accurately (no spilling with watering my houseplants unlike with the can that is – or was – normally being used by a maker who shall remain nameless bar it shall be said that that maker was one THE maker of watering cans in Britain).

I received my review sample of the Kiera watering can on the Press Day of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2013 and I chose the apple green color in the 2 liter version. It does, however, come in quite a range of colors and in three sizes, 2 liter, 5 liter and 10 liter. For indoor gardeners I would suggest the introduction of a one liter can to the range as well as this would be a great asset to the range, no doubt.

The company aims to bring other new attractive garden products onto the market that will, so it is hoped, catch the attention of consumers.

While this definitely is not your – pardon the pun – common garden watering can and does not have the traditional rose it is definitely a nice watering can that looks good, even indoors. Instead of the old common rose the Kiera watering allows water to flow from its graceful and dramatic lip, allowing the user to target the root areas of the individual rather than watering an entire planter thus also saving water in watering and evaporation. Another plus point for sure.

The design of the Kiera watering can will go well with some of the new planters that are on the market albeit by different manufacturers that, for instance, can be placed over a railing and such, and also come in many funky colors.

The handle of the Kiera watering can is contrasted in a different color, in the case of my one, maroon, which really gives it class.

What more can I say... I like it...

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