British MPs to get up to £20,000 pay increase, possibly

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

With the country under severe austerity measures and workers, especially those in the public sector, having their wages frozen and having to accept pay cuts, at least in real terms, the greedy Members of Parliament are prepared to vote themselves a pay increase of up to £20,000.

800px-London_Parliament_2007-1Such an increase in their pay is equal to or more than what many a worker, and especially here those in the public sector such as nurses, council workers and such, makes in a year – before tax and other deductions are made.

Those self-same parliamentarians, who tell workers that for the sake of the country they have to make sacrifices and tighten their belts, will quite happily vote themselves an increase in their own salaries equal to or above the annual before tax salary of many a worker.

“We are all in this together” was the slogan with regards to the recession and austerity and it is true; they are all in it together to take the people for a ride and bleed them dry.

It does not matter what political color they are either. Blue, yellow, red and the rest will all give themselves a nice pay raise while cutting the wages of those who really do the work on the frontline.

We must demand from our politicians that they learn to live on the same amount of money as the average skilled worker, which is a little more than that increase they wish to vote themselves, so that they learn what it is like to live in the real world.

Proof that we don't need a new government but that we need a new system.

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