New Study Adds Healthier Weight to List of Community Garden Benefits

gI_69856_5643cvrPlant the seeds of better health. Journeyworks Publishing’s brochure, “Community Gardens: 25 Things Everyone Should Know” can help build support for local garden projects.

Santa Cruz, CA, May 02, 2013: A study recently published in the American Journal of Public Health looked at a community garden in Salt Lake City and found that those who participated in the garden had a lower BMI (Body Mass Index) compared to peers who were not involved in the garden. A lower BMI can mean a healthier weight for individuals, healthier communities and lower health care costs. Throw in some vine-ripened tomatoes and the deal can’t get much sweeter. Community organizers, planners and health educators will want to check out “Community Gardens: 25 Things Everyone Should Know,” a timely pamphlet from Journeyworks Publishing. The easy-to-read format outlines some of the many benefits of community gardens and can help garner support and involvement for local projects. To get a free preview copy of this pamphlet, visit Journeyworks Publishing’s Healthy Communities review pack page.

Not surprisingly, people who garden tend to eat more fruits and vegetables. Increasing consumption of fruits and veggies is a key strategy for losing weight as well as for preventing chronic disease. Included in the Journeyworks review pack are samples of two additional pamphlets about the importance of eating more fruits and veggies and a brochure on the health consequences of obesity. Professionals interested in improving community health can get free preview copies of all these pamphlets by visiting Journeyworks Publishing’s Healthy Communities review pack page.

Journeyworks Publishing is a national health education and health promotion publisher with more than 10,000,000 pamphlets, brochures, booklets, posters, bookmarks, videos and other products distributed each year. Used extensively by public health departments, hospitals, schools, VA programs and more, Journeyworks materials are known for being creative, effective, easy-to-read, and accurate. You can learn more by visiting

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