The true aims of the European Union

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

249012_521523051240094_1869895087_nThe outfit that today is called the European Union has had a few names before this one and started right after World War Two with some – shall we call them by their true color – fascist from France and Germany with the aim to create a European superstate controlled by powers in those two countries.

There is also in the minds of many people a confusion as to the various bodies that are linked to the EU, such as the Council of Europe (the real power house behind the scenes, to a degree), the European Parliament (a farce), the European Commission (the illegal legislature), which are always claimed, by those trying to keep the people in the dark as to the reality of things, as being entirely separate, which they are not.

The Council of Europe, the European Commission, and the EU and the European Parliament, are not separate entities despite of the EU's claim to the contrary.

The Council is as much an integral part of the EU as is the Commission even though the Council has more countries as members than does the EU.

As far as the Commission is concerned they are an unelected body who make the laws and thus are illegal. A legislature that is unelected is but a dictatorship and that is exactly what this outfit, which runs the EU, is.

Its true aims are the destruction of the nation states and the creation of a European state (forget the federal model) that is run from wherever the HQ is based) with a Europe-wise police and a European Army.

Being in the pay of big business in the same way as the NSDAP of Adolf Hitler was the EU and the Commission do the bidding of their masters, such as in the seed regulation affair which will make it illegal – in fact it has done so – to collect and share, even for free, any seeds, and this also applies to hobby gardeners, for they just have made a U-turn in secret, from any plant without the license of the EU to do so. This could spell the very end of out old varieties of flowers and especially vegetables and trees.

And who were the lobbying parties whose bidding the EU and the Commission are doing in this respect? The answer is obvious. The usual suspects, namely Monsanto, AstraZeneca, Bayer and a couple of others.

Despite the fact that the EU law makers in the Commission are unelected the laws are binding and enforceable, as is the seed law. How they are going to enforce the latter is another question but they will try.

This law follows hot on the heels of the so-called Monsanto Protection Act that is in one the legislation that was not so long ago passed in both the Houses of the US government.

The aims of the EU are becoming more self-evident almost daily and in this seed law alone we see that they are very much aiming to control the kind of food that people can have, even as far as growing their own is concerned. Food control is the ultimate people control and the wheels seem to be put very much in motion for that.

Someone somewhere some time ago coined the phrase “Germany lost the war but won the peace” and this is becoming very evident in the power that Germany (together with France) exerts over the rest of the European Union, and even outside of it through the Council.

The power lies in Berlin (and Paris), the rest are just pawns in the game, and any pretense of democracy is just that, a pretense, a smokescreen. The European Union is about as democratic as Stalin's USSR; probably less so even.

As a free trading block the EEC may have been a good idea but then again a free trading block alone never was the idea. It has always been to create a federal Europe, by hook or by crook. Thus the European Union is not good for any of the countries that are current members, bar the powerhouses of Germany and France, but also there not for the people, just the elite.

1984 is a cautionary tale and not policy guidance and still, it would appear, that the EU is trying to implement it, but by extreme stealth and by subversion. The aim is a European fascist superstate by any means possible.

© 2013