Bulldozers into action: Israel begins the destruction of Al Aqsa

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

According to sources in the Tunisian media the forces of the illegal Zionist entity in Palestine have begun the criminal destruction of both houses of the Al-Aqsa Mosque on Thursday, May 17, 2013 and the path of "the door of the Maghreb", recognized as one of the historic entrances of the mosque.

This destruction is part of a plan to raze the mosque so that they can build or, as they would claim, rebuild their Jewish Temple, the Temple of Solomon, in an aim, it would appear to claim the right for this land and another strange attempt has also been on the way, and the is the recreation of the pure heifer.

The Chief Justice of Palestine, Sheikh Taysir Al Tamimi, said that the occupation forces closed all the entries and gates of the city of al-Quds, the Palestinian word for Jerusalem, in the early hours of the morning while mobilizing hundreds of soldiers and police to prevent Palestinians from reaching the Al-Aqsa mosque to defend it. At the same time Zionist bulldozers were advancing towards the western wall of the mosque in order to destroy it.

Sheikh Taysir Al Tamimi added that the Zionist entity wants to take advantage of the current situation in Palestine and the the fact that the world simply does not care.

If these reports are fact then the Zionists are working very hard to make what they want to happen to happen in a belief that the G-d will recreate the religious Israel according to the prophesies that they believe in.

Prophesies, however, are not brought about by changing things; the changes must be brought about by a higher authority, if one believes in is, and that is why many of the real orthodox Jews do not support the so-called State of Israel and have themselves called it illegal.

Why is it then that the US government and the governments of Britain and also Germany are backing that entity to the hilt even to such an extent that someone saying something against Israel and the atrocities committed against the Palestinian people and tars them with the brush of “anti-Semitism”? The answer is the IOUs held by certain banks owned by a certain group. It is as simple as that and this is where the problem lies.

Being against the illegal Zionist entity in Palestine, referred to as Israel, is not being anti-Semitic but anti-Zionist and not all Jews are Zionists. In fact, it would also appear that not all Zionists are Jews.

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