Starve the system

Starve the system and grow your own food

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

In fact, grown your own food and make as much yourself as possible. That way you are beating the system and doing it your way.

It is becoming pretty clear that industry and the powers-that-be do not care what the people think and want as regards to genetically modified, or should we better say genetically engineered, organisms. Many of us, no doubt, know where we are headed if this madness does not stop.

It is all about profit for some companies and control over seeds and has nothing whatsoever to do with trying to combat world hunger. In fact it has been proven that GE foods will do nothing to curb world hunger.

The only true answer to this, as far as foods are concerned, is to grow and raise your own. Self-reliance and self-sufficiency, as far as the latter is possible, is the ultimate protest against this. As long, I hasten to add, they will not make it illegal, as they are already trying in some location where the growing of a food garden, even in the backyard, has been outlawed under local ordinances.

Henry Kissinger said some decades ago – in fact just before the so-called oil crisis – that if you want to control nations you have to control fuel (enter the oil crisis, which was nothing but nicely engineered) and if you want to control people you have to control food (enter Monsanto & Co.). We could also add to the people control mechanism water, could we not.

Growing your own means that every vegetable that you do not have to buy takes away from their profits. We have the power to take away their power and we have to do it and the way to do it is through our pocketbooks.

We are the ones who, ultimately, control the system as we have founded it though our purchases. By withdrawing our purchasing and growing our own we can take a stand and send a message.

Aside from growing your own food there are also other methods where big business can be sent a message and also the powers-that-be that we, the people, are no longer going along with the system.

You can make do with what you have got for starters. You co not have to get a new smartphone each and every time that a new one, or a new version of your current one, be it iPhone or other, comes onto the market. If it ain't broke there is no need to replace, and the same applies to computers and other goods.

Furthermore there are many things you do not have to buy at all. You can make them yourself by proper DIY, and by upcycling and reusing and repurposing items of waste or such.

As not everyone is going to travel the same route as which we may be taking there are still those that will stay in the system and buy new things and there, therefore, will be the things that they, often still working or needing just a little TLC, are tossing out and which we can liberate from the trash. There are many people who already live that way and do this for most of their needs.

It is amazing what people actually do throw out and lose, accidentally or deliberately, in parks, open spaces and elsewhere, in way of clothes, bicycles, and many other things, most of which can be reused directly or by passing it on to someone else, with just cleaning or, at times, a little TLC and a tiny bit of repair.

My Blackbery came to me that way as did my Leatherman Wave, and most of my bicycles. The latter where rebuild from a number of thrown or trashed bikes and the two former items were simply thrown away.

My drinking glasses are repurposed glass jars, whether for beer, water, or spirits, and my reusable water bottles from tap water also are reused glass bottles that came with drinks, or where found and cleaned.

My notebooks, and I carry at least one at all times, are homemade from paper that was but printed single sided and the amount of pencils that I have found beggars belief.

I also do grow a garden and also make use of edible weeds, either foraged or actually grown on purpose. A weed is, after all, but a plant whose virtue and uses have not as yet been discovered. Truth is though that for many plants that are commonly referred to as weeds the virtues and uses have been discovered and the edible ones are often better eating than their domesticated cousins. And there are also many weeds out there that are medicinal herbs in fact and have many uses. Just because it grows somewhere where you may not want it to grow does not mean that it does not have a use.

Growing your own food and, where you can, keeping chickens (hens) for eggs, and raising chickens and rabbits for meat, is the easiest way to beat the system. That, and making do with what you have got and making as much as possible yourself. Let's do it and send a message to the powers-that-be that be that we no longer support the system which is not broken; it was designed this way, and therefore we need a new system. One that benefits both man and Nature.

© 2013