Rowse lets consumer thank bees with free flowers

Consumers are being encouraged to say thanks to bees for their hard work in creating honey by a new campaign from UK honey brand Rowse.

As part of an integrated national campaign which will include the second television advertising campaign in the brand’s history, social media activity via Facebook and Twitter is encouraging consumers to submit their messages of thanks, which Rowse will then have handwritten on plant labels and planted alongside bee-friendly flowers.

The £3m integrated national campaign will play upon the idea of ‘Natural Fuel for Busy Bees’. The TV ad follows on from the brand’s successful first ever TV advertising campaign, which aired last year.

Featuring the Busy Bee Song by Arthur Askey, the ad is aimed at modern mums, with busy lives and even busier children. The commercial plays on the idea that Rowse Honey offers a delicious, natural source of slow release energy that children love.

On air for an eight week period, Rowse anticipates that over 5.5million mums will see the ad, which features a young boy going about his busy day fuelled by Rowse honey. The ad ends with the slogan “Rowse Honey. Natural fuel for busy bees.”

Helping to explode the ad’s strapline and raise further brand awareness amongst consumers, Rowse is launching a digital campaign on popular social networking sites Facebook and Twitter.

Honey fans will be directed to the social networking sites via the ad and will be encouraged to upload their messages of appreciation for the honeybees, which will be planted alongside ‘bee friendly’ flowers in community gardens across the country.

The chosen flowers follow research conducted by the Sussex University sponsored by Rowse, which identified plants that offer honeybees the richest and most consistent nectar. Lavender will be planted for the first 5,000 messages.

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