Air Just Got Better – Free Air Stations Make Bicycle Tire Inflation Fun and Easy for All

Free Air Company’s Free Air Station™ transforms public bicycle tire inflation from an often daunting chore to a simple, fun and safer process, for the first time in the history of cycling.

Free Air Station

Redondo Beach, CA : Free Air Company announces the release of its transformational Free Air Station™ for public bicycle tire inflation. For the first time in the history of cycling, bicycle tire inflation has made a giant leap from a cumbersome, trial-and-error, one-size-fits-all high-pressure air hose to a foolproof dial-your-pressure and inflate process that leaves users smiling and looking forward to the next time.

The large, colorful interface, brief inflation tips and large dial gauge make the tire inflation experience fun, easy and safer. The result is an unheard-of perfectly inflated tire in about 5 seconds, for all users.

Probably the most exciting enhancement to tire inflation with the Free Air Station™ has nothing to do with tire pressure. It’s the experience. The inviting and attractive interface and large dial gauge, which cyclists love to set with an easy-to-use adjustment knob, make the device fun to use.

“When I set out to improve on our customer air hoses dangling out our bike shop window for the last 30 years, I had no idea what was to become the Free Air Station™ would be fun. I was just thinking easier, safer and more accurate,” said inventor and Free Air Company founder Steve Collins. “It is so fun, users actually enjoy the process.”

Bike shop customer Michelle of Hermosa Beach, CA wrote to the store’s owner, after her scout troop’s visit, “They [the scouts] definitely learned a lot about bikes, and they can’t wait to come back and use the air station again.”

With participation in cycling growing substantially in recent decades, and many organizations and municipalities now embracing it with never-before-seen enthusiasm, the time is right for new services that encourage cycling, improve on the experience and help keep bikes in better working order. The Free Air Station™ delivers on these by making tire inflation fun, easy and safer. And, after all, properly inflated tires easily add the greatest improvement in performance, desired by all cyclists, for the smallest amount of expense and effort. Cyclists enjoy their rides much more when tires are properly inflated, and the Free Air Station™ will mean more tires properly inflated more often.

"I really enjoy using the Free Air Station. Its ease of use is ideal. Bike shops as well as other businesses or institutions needing to inflate various items will find it invaluable. It's a win-win for both customers and Free Air Station owners. I would have loved one in my bike shop," said Ted Ernst, former bicycle racer, bike shop owner, and Bicycling Hall of Fame inductee, with over 65 years experience in the bicycle industry.

No more trial and error process of inflate and check, inflate and check, inflate and check, to get the right pressure in the tire. With the Free Air Station™, users set the pressure first, and then inflate in about 5 seconds. The station will even reduce tire pressure if the tire arrived over inflated. Equally helpful, using a 150-psi (pressure) air hose to inflate a 35-psi tire, and hoping the tire doesn’t explode, is a thing of the past. Just set the Free Air Station™ to 35-psi. What’s more, the gauge in the Free Air Station™ is significantly more accurate than most air gauges used for tire inflation today. Frequently, the inaccuracy of these simpler gauges causes a meaningful error in tire pressure. Cyclists will appreciate knowing they have the right pressure in their tires.

Talk about quality and durability – the Free Air Station™ is built to perform in extreme environments and made to last for years. The high-end instrumentation used inside the stations is made by some of the best manufacturers in each category, with the critical instruments made by U.S. companies in the U.S. Every component of the station can withstand temperatures from -40° to 150° Fahrenheit, nothing can rust, and all are waterproof.

For bike shops, coffee shops, general stores, college campuses, municipalities, corporations or anyone looking to support cycling and build goodwill with bicycle owners, the Free Air Station™ does this in a brand new way for fewer pennies per user.

“I know I’m biased, but I think the Free Air Station™ is going to revolution the bicycle tire inflation process that has been unchanged since the advent of the bicycle itself,” said Collins. “For businesses and organizations wishing to encourage cycling or earn the goodwill of cyclists, the Free Air Station™ does that. In fact, this is probably the best thing to come along for that purpose in decades.”

The moment they are installed, they become the new favorite attraction. Customizing the stations with a company or organization logo and contact information, and installing them along favorite cycling paths, is a great way to show you care, and to build goodwill beyond your usual reach.

The decision to install a Free Air Station™ is an easy one. The only question is where.

The Free Air Station is available for sale at Suggested retail price is $999.

For more information about the company and its products visit the Free Air Company website or follow them on Facebook at

Free Air Company, LLC was founded to improve, transform and expand public bicycle tire inflation services. The company was formed August 2012 in Redondo Beach, CA. Founder and Free Air Station inventor Steve Collins has worked in bicycle retail since 1979 and is part owner of a bicycle store in Hermosa Beach, CA, where the invention was first tested and proven. Collins hired and consulted numerous bicycle, pneumatic and manufacturing industry experts and engineers during the development and refinement of the Free Air Station. Company address: 2615 W 190th Street, Suite 220, Redondo Beach, CA 90278. Phone (310) 318-1285.

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