They walk among us... unfortunately

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

UK, April 20, 2013: On the way to the shops this morning passing the Farmer's Market being held at North Cheam in Surrey, England, a woman of about 70 spoke to me saying: “We don't need such farmer's markets and farmers. We can get all our food from the supermarkets.”

When I tried to, sort of, point out that food came from farms she continued: “And the food at the supermarkets is also much better and healthier.”

At that stage, not wishing to engage in this conversation any further, as I might have gotten rude, I departed.

It is a sad fact when someone of an age group such as that woman talks such utter rubbish. What chance is there for the younger generations to understand how things really are.

Many children do believe that beefburgers, for instance, come from a factory and have nothing to do with the cattle in the fields. Milk many kids also believe to come from yet another factory and that it actually comes from cows is very alien to them.

From the accent I would assume the woman that spoke to me to be from the area and even though this is close to London with North Cheam being actually in the London Borough of Sutton there are farms nearby.

Nevertheless the brainwashing by the corporations seem to have even affected people of an age that should still have encountered the farms and farmers and markets for all manner of things.

Guess it is a sign that I am getting old that I cannot fathom such ignorance.

The person, however, does not have, it would appear, been getting much of the recent news about the horse meat scandal in the UK and the EU and other issues associated with food in supermarkets.

A truly sad state as to how things have become...

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