Fly-tippers face up to three years in jail

Fly-tippers face up to three years in jail in tough crackdown

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

UK: Prolific fly-tippers face up to three years in prison under tough guidelines that aim to help judges to eradicate eyesore dumping grounds.

Fly-tipping, the illegal dumping of waste materials of all kinds, at times “just” household items such as old sofas, toilet suites, and such like, but at other times everything to and including hazardous waste, in the countryside, parks, open spaces and, at times even in back alleys, is not just unsightly, it can be and is a health hazard.

Large companies also face fines of up to two million Pound Sterling for illegally disposing of waste under new proposals to help courts enforce stricter and more consistent punishments.

Katherine Rainsford of the Sentencing Council said: “We aim to ensure sentences hit offenders, not taxpayers, in the pocket.”

One can wish them but good luck for all too often even the councils, when they have the details of an offender, even a persistent one, seem reluctant to take action. Park wrong, however, and they'll be right upon you.

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