Filberts Bees Moisturizing Salve with Hemp – Product Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Filberts Bees Moisturizing Salve with Hemp is made from artisan beeswax and is rich in English farm pressed hemp seed oil.

Hemp Salve-228x228It is concentrated and smooth and the artisan beeswax, combined with avocado, olive and hemp seed oils, creates a soft, richly colored salve to treat dry or sore areas, including lips, hands and feet. Add a little water for rapid absorption or just let the oils soak in naturally for soft-feeling skin. Great as balm and al-round salve.

This salve, as indicated, works equally well on lips, hands and feet, and patches of dry skin everywhere.

As someone who suffers from dry and often cracked lips, and the same goes for hands, spending a lot of time outdoors, I am always very dubious as regards to claims. However, I must say that, as far as it goes this is a salve that lives up to everything what it says on the tin.

The salve comes in two packaging sizes: 7.4g and 24g and the former is ideally suited as a daily carry one for anyone who tends to suffer from cracked lips, for instance.

It is the same size – or thereabouts – as the small tins of Vaseline (petroleum jelly) but, being all natural and not a product of the petro-chemical industry far better for you and the Planet. It may cost a little more but you also do not need much of it.

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