Euroflor welcomes RHS wildflower meadow initiative

TOP GREEN, suppliers of Euroflor amenity flower mixes to Rigby Taylor, has welcomed the RHS initiative to promote the sowing of wildflower meadows across the UK.

Euroflor's stunning new Rainbow Perennials mix has 10 per cent annuals to ensure flowering in the first year. Picture by Top Green_webThe RHS is asking everyone to go wild during April – encouraging the sowing of wildflowers to encourage wildlife, and also promoting careers in horticulture.

As the UK’s passion for wildflowers increases, RHS Gardens across the country will host events and activities to get gardeners growing wild during National Gardening Week (April 15-21).

“We applaud the RHS for their efforts,” says Stephen Alderton, Top Green director of marketing and development. “We have long advocated the planting of wildflowers as being the best way to create an environment that is perfect to help pollinating insects source pollen and nectar.”

RHS director general Sue Biggs says: “After enjoying the Olympic Park meadows in 2012 there is a great appetite from the British public to create their own version at home, which is great news for pollinating insects.

“We’ve also made promoting horticultural careers a key theme for us during National Gardening Week 2013, especially as there is a shortage of young people coming into the horticultural world, which is of major concern to the industry and sad for so many people missing out on incredible career opportunities.

“Sowing wildflower seeds and promoting horticultural careers are interactive projects which will provide opportunities to learn and should reap rewards in the future.”

Euroflor seed mixes were included in the award-winning wildflower turf used during the Olympics and grown by Wildflower Turf Ltd.

During National Gardening Week, RHS Gardens in Surrey, North Yorkshire, Essex and Devon will welcome visitors of all ages and abilities to talks, demonstrations and events, helping people grow wildflowers in their own gardens.

Young gardeners will be able to get their hands dirty and learn how to sow their very own mini-wildflower meadow, perfect for attracting birds, bugs and insects of all types – especially bees.

More experienced gardeners can find out how to support the wildlife in their gardens through a range of talks and interactive workshops on beekeeping, managing ‘meadows’ and more.

At RHS Garden Rosemoor in Devon, RHS experts will introduce visitors to a range of ‘Plants for Pollinators’ and explain the benefits of using them in the garden. They will also share their top tips for establishing wildflower meadows, whatever the size, with advice about everything from site and soil conditions, to the use of wildflower plug plants and mowing.

At RHS Garden Harlow Carr in North Yorkshire, talks with the garden team will help visitors learn how to prepare the ground, sow and manage a wildflower patch.

RHS experts will also be on hand at all gardens throughout National Gardening Week to give advice and tips on any gardening problem. Visitors inspired to start straight away will be able to buy plants, tools and gardening products from the RHS Plant Centres.

For full details of the events at RHS Gardens during National Gardening Week, visit


TOP GREEN has added two new mixes to the latest professional Euroflor amenity flowers range for landscapers, local authorities and golf course managers – plus a unique way of giving customers the chance to try different mixes.

The new Euroflor ‘DISCOVERY BOX’ has been designed for those who want to test different colours and combinations before making larger purchases in future seasons. Ten foil-sealed different seed mixes are provided in one box. The 50gm packs give a total floral display area of up to 150 square metres.

“This is a great way for customers to experience the range that best suits their requirements before placing larger orders,” says Stephen Alderton.

Euroflor mixes are proving highly successful in local authority situations where low-maintenance areas can be given colour to attract birds and insects. Golf courses and landscapers are also discovering the increasing benefits to biodiversity.

The two new mixes are:

*EUROFLOR RAINBOW PERENNIALS: Ensuring a flowering period from June to September and including 10 per cent of annuals to ensure flowering in the first year from 90 to 100 days after sowing. The advantage is eliminating the need to re-sow the following season and preparing seed beds – a major saving on labour costs.

*EUROFLOR CLASSIC: Producing a more natural- looking flower meadow, combining the advantage of hardy wild flowers and traditional horticultural flowers. The mix is particularly useful in zones between countryside and urban areas. The high number of species in this mix (including Nigella, Alyssum, Dianthus, Viola and Chrysanthemum) compensates for longer germination period of indigenous flower species.

These new mixes feature in the Euroflor 2013 catalogue alongside old favourites, including Honey (for bee and insect population), Rainbow Annuals, Ground Cover, Sarah Bouquet (an eye-catching annual mix of more than 30 plant species), Spring Flower and Reclamation – specially formulated to cover large areas in industrial and urban renewal projects.

The Euroflor range is a comprehensive selection of amenity flower seed mixtures to meet the demands of landscapers and local authority managers looking to cut costs with low-maintenance floral areas.

“All our seed is produced as the result of rigorous breeding and trialling,” says Stephen Alderton. “We are delighted that our amenity flower ranges have been so successfully received by landscapers, golf course supervisors and local authority managers across the UK.”

For a FREE Euroflor catalogue call Freefone 0800 424919.

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