Save the date: 10:10:10

10:10:10 – a global day of doing

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Sunday October 10, 2010 will be the 'global day of doing' and there’ll be thousands of practical carbon cutting events and activities all over the world. The 10:10 organization wants your business or organisation to be a part of it.

Mark the day in your diary now. From Cosmopolitan magazine to hit TV shows, to thousands of individuals, to business, hospitals and schools – everyone will be doing something. On 10:10:10 itself, the 10:10 organization wants to see your pictures, mails and video, which they‘ll then be streaming live from the 10:10 ‘newsroom’ and some major media platforms in towns, cities and workplaces across the UK.

What are you planning for 10:10:10?
10:10 is all about positive practical action and 10:10's ‘global day of doing’ is about taking this ambition to the next level. The choice is yours and just because 10:10:10’s on a Sunday it doesn’t mean you can’t do something in the run up to the date. The 10:10 folks will still broadcast it!

Throw a work bash to celebrate what you’ve already done and get more people involved and excited. If your employees and partners haven’t signed up to the campaign then this could be the time to get them on board.

Team up with colleagues, other companies in your business park or organizations in your local community to launch a joint carbon cutting project. Take the opportunity to launch an idea you’ve been meaning to get started on, be it a car club or ‘switch off’ campaign.

Get creative… and win!
10:10 are also be launching a competition to see which of our organisations can come up with the most ingenious carbon cutting idea they’ll put into action for 10:10:10. Not only will the best idea receive a cracking prize, you’ll also get the chance to see your idea showcased to tens of thousands of people and businesses taking part. Get your thinking caps on, send us your ideas and register your plans by emailing or

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