Most Islamist terror plots in UK “homegrown”

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

So, remind us again, please, Mr. Prime Minister, why our troops are in Afghanistan?

The fairy tale that the British forces are in Afghanistan being so that the British people can be safe on their streets is beginning to wear thin, especially when findings such as this come along.

Recent finding indicate that probably over ninety percent of all Jihad ideas against the UK and are discovered by the security services are grown on the local muck heap here and not run or ordered by AL Qaida or the Taliban.

The truth for the military presence in Afghanistan is entirely different to what we are being force fed by the powers-that-be.

The way it would appear the military is used once again, to secure business interest of oil and mineral giants, such a Royal Dutch Shell, BP, Rio Tinto, and others.

No one, I am sure, can tell us that they not been aware of the mineral wealth in Afghanistan before.

Sure they have been aware it of and that is why we are there and because of the fact that Afghanistan, like Pakistan, hence now called the Af/Pak conflict, are next door, in the East, to oil-rich Iran; another country soon to be invaded (no doubt). Two US carrier groups are at present in the Persian Gulf within striking distance.

Now what shouold that tell us?

The Con-Lib coalition government in Britain is wanting to save billions of Pounds and is cutting vital pages left, right and center, but so much money could be saved at the stroke of a pen by simply recalling our troops home to do what they really are tasked for; the “defense of the realm” and the British realm does not, as far as I am aware, to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Money could then be available to, maybe, just maybe, then do something about the homegrown Islamist threat, and the military could then defend the realm properly and keep uninvited people out and the security services could then concentrate on keeping the streets safe.

You do not “keep the streets safe” by having the military in Iraq and Afghanistan, whatever the governments, the British and the American ones, try to tell us all.

© 2010