Nematodes needed now!

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

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Late summer and early autumn is a critical time for nematode applications. Successful treatments now will reduce many of this years and next year’s pests!

Vine Weevil

Vine Weevil eggs are now developing into damaging larvae that feed on plant roots. If left untreated they will feed on plant roots until the winter. They will then become dormant but will start feeding again early next spring.

The use of nematodes against Vine Weevil larvae is very effective, especially when treating pots and containers but this proven form of biological control depends on timing. If you can treat your plants before it gets colder, a significant reduction in Vine Weevil populations can be achieved.

Apply Vine Weevil Killer nematodes before the end of October. The nematodes are easily applied by watering into pots and containers.

GPC-275 Vine Weevil Killer small pack £8.95 – treats up to 100 plus 1 litre pots. GPC-280 Vine Weevil Killer large pack £27.95 –for large containers and open ground treatments; treats up to 100 square metres


Daddy-long-legs or Crane flies tend to appear in large numbers in early September. This is followed by a new generation of Leatherjacket grubs that develop from the eggs laid by these insects. The brown-grey grubs get to work quickly eating grass and turf roots. They can cause significant damage in large numbers and attract animals and birds to lawns, which rip up lawns looking to feed on them. September is a very important month for controlling Leatherjackets with nematodes.

Leatherjacket Killer nematodes should be watered into lawns about 2 weeks after you see large numbers of Daddy-long-leg adults or before the end of October. The nematodes are watered directly into the lawns, so they can search out and kill the Leatherjacket grubs under the grass. This is a safe and non- chemical treatment for your lawn.

GPC-022 Leatherjacket Killer small £9.95 – treats up to 12 square metres. GPC-285

Leatherjacket large £19.95 – treats up to 100 square metres.

Also don’t forget to apply Chafer Grub Killer nematodes to your lawns by the end of October, the damage is similar but different nematodes are used to control each pest.

GPC-290 Chafer Grub Killer £29.95 – treats up to 100 square metres.

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