Garden Bird Supplies call for clean baths

Garden Bird Supplies urge bird lovers to keep their baths clean

A fatal infection is causing devastating effects on the UK’s garden bird population; particularly affected are greenfinches and chaffinches according to researchers. Garden Bird Supplies are urging bird lovers to help stem the spread of the disease.

Research carried out by the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) has blamed a fatal infection caused by the bacterium Trichomonas Gallinae which can be spread by unclean bird feeders on a 35% reduction in the Green finch population. The Chaffinch is the second most frequently affected species, although a range of garden birds have been found to be susceptible to the parasite.

Mark Sherwood of Garden Bird Supplies, one of the UK’s leading mail order suppliers and on-line retailers of bird products including bird baths feeders, said, “Following this news we are urging all our customers to regularly clean out their bird baths and bird feeders to try and stop this disease spreading between birds”.

Researchers believe that the trichomonad parasite harbouring the disease was probably transmitted via birds' saliva, outbreaks are most severe and frequent in the period of August to October.

The mostly likely way that the infection is transmitted from one bird to another is thought to be through birds feeding one another with regurgitated food during the breeding season; or through food or drinking water contaminated with saliva.

Mark Sherwood said, “All our bird feeders and bird baths are designed to be easily cleaned and we are now advising our customers to wash bird baths and feeders before re filling with food or water.”

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Source: Garden Bird Supplies