Early Fall, Strong and Long Winter?

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

The British Met Office recently mentioned that they predict a very early autumn (fall) this year, with sleet, hail and even snow at the end of September and winter to arrive by snow and ice by the end of October.

If their predictions for the mild winter of 2009/2010 is anything to go by maybe we should not be concerned but, then again, they could just be right and if they are we are in serious problem in the UK.

Already during last winter the power stations were hard pressed to keep the lights on and the gas supplies too were getting rather precariously low. If we get a severe and prolonged winter this year we might really find ourselves up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

The infrastructure is still as bad as it was the winter gone and nothing has been done to improve it in any way, shape or form. Thus, should the cold really strike and stay, things could get ugly, especially for those that have no alternative to electricity or gas as far as heating is concerned.

But has the government of the United Kingdom, the previous and the new one, made any preparations and contingency plans for a strong winter? It would appear not.

That means, when things get bad it will be the consumer, the people of the country, that will bear the brunt.

Don't worry, the Prime Minister and his cronies will be OK.

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