Dirty coal back on the menu

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

London, UK, August 2010: The UK was going to phase out all the old and polluting coal burning power stations but seems to have given them a reprieve.

This shows how desperate the situation is regarding oil and natural gas by now and while coal is still better, as far as I am concerned, than is nuclear it is an unsustainable option.

And nuclear power also is back on the agenda and even a fair number of greens are, for some reason unexplainable to me, see it as a green option. Ever considered the waste problem? Obviously not!

What about the possibility of something going wrong and a radioactive discharge? Oh, but, I hear them say, at least there is no CO2. Doh? Am I missing something here?

Clean coal, which is a term often being banded about, is something that just is a little like dry water.

Coal is not and can never be clean and anyone claiming that coal can be clean is living in cloud cuckoo land and maybe should either stay there or come back into the real world and understand that there is no such thing as clean coal.

In addition to that, like oil, coal is a finite fossil fuel and, in the not too distant future, will be part of history. You know, the place all former things go to.

© 2010

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