Sustainability – Book Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

A personal journey to a built sustainable community
and an amazing picture of what life will soon be like.
By Stuart W. Rose, PhD.
Approx 140 pages, paperback
ISBN 978-1-4392-6383-0

This book offers an upbeat and hopeful look at changes taking place in the world through the perspective of the author's experiences developing a sustainable community of homes in Virginia, as well as the research he did along the way.

The tone of the book is conversational and friendly, and written in my favorite way, namely from the “I” perspective.

Technical information and statistics are presented in down-to-earth fashion that readers will find easy to understand.

The manuscript is methodically organized; it’s easy to follow to progress of the Garden Atrium’s development and to understand how and why (he) developed a positive, enthusiastic outlook about the benefits of living sustainably in the broadest senses of the term.

The author succeeds at framing the subject of sustainability as an opportunity rather than a problem. Troublesome trends and data are presented in a serious and sober way, straightforward and free of hype.

He uses the lessons he learned from developing the Garden Atriums, as well as his own self-exploration, as the basis for a dialog with readers that emphasizes hope and positive change. The title and subtitle do a good job conveying the spirit with which he approaches his subject and the future.

When most people think about “sustainability,” they think about saving energy or being more “environmentally friendly.” You’ll find, in this book, that “Sustainability” actually goes far beyond saving on utility bills. As you’ll learn, sustainable living will be a completely new way of living … a new life style. It’ll also be magnificent.

The only one single problem I have is not with the book itself, which I loved, but the Garden Atrium Homes – the concept of which again I love – as the solution through the board for sustainable living for all.

While a great idea we do have a practical problem with this if we consider the number of people alone in the USA or the UK and trying to house all of them in Garden Atrium Homes, however nice that would be.

The book itself was a great read and has given me, as a writer and a consultant, much food for thought, which is something I greatly appreciate in books that I read, whether for leisure and general study or for review.

Much food for thought from the research of the author and his partner but much of is, as to community of Garden Atriums is all still theory and while it all looks great – on paper – and, in my opinion, should work, it will need committed people to make it work and is going to be the exact place where we are going to hit a snag or ten, I think.

That does not detract from a good book, however, with great, nay brilliant, ideas and, as said, much food for thought. And it is this what makes this book that can be well recommended.

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