Build-A-Ball from Lakeland – Product Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)


Lakeland Ref 6342

5cm (2") Dia. - Pack of 12 balls. (Canes not incl.)

How many of us gardeners have tried to erect netting cages in various ways, often with string near the top of the canes, to create a cage, only to end up snagging and damaging the nets? I for one have and that more than once.

Build-A-Ball appears to be the solution to our quest and they can be used to create a number of different structures for plant protection and plant support.

This clever design allows you to construct cages and cloches for protection, or supports for growing plants. Just connect any ½" tubing or bamboo cane and quickly, easily build the structure that suits, with no tools, no skill and no effort.

Aside, as I have just indicated, from creating netting cages for vegetables and fruit, Build-A-Ball can also be used to create a variety of plant supports and cloche frames and thus makes it a great bit of kit for all gardeners.

I just wished that I had come across Build-A-Ball earlier as I would have not destroyed so many nets.

Another most useful ideas and product brought to us by Lakeland.

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