With an increase of more than 50 percent of students and nearly 60 percent of Fellows joining CIWEM in the last year, the Institution is meeting the needs of sector, from new environmental professionals to highly qualified experts.

Whilst the environmental sector has been less affected by the economic downturn than other industries, the outlook for younger job hunters is unfavourable. Therefore, many students and graduates are turning to CIWEM as a way of giving themselves an edge in the jobs market. Students are finding that membership of CIWEM is an excellent way to demonstrate their commitment to their career and enhance their career prospects.

However, high level directors and decision makers also need to prove their worth to their employers. They need to utilise continuing education opportunities throughout their careers since their value to their organisation can be dependent upon their understanding of the newest technology. Engineers, for example, may discover their technical or legislative knowledge is quickly outdated as innovation increases, so staying up to date will be an advantage when seeking promotion. CIWEM helps by offering a wide range of training and Continuing Professional Development options, and it has been proven by the Chartered Institute of Management that it really does pay to be professional. The lifetime economic benefit associated with membership of a professional institution is £152,000.

In addition to CIWEM seeing a rise in membership, the Institution has also seen an increase in the number of suitably qualified members achieving external registration. The level of members registering as Chartered Engineers has gone up by 53 percent, Chartered Scientists by 64 percent and Chartered Environmentalists by 45 percent. External Registration sets professionals apart as it demonstrates their commitment, knowledge and competence, and is a regular reminder to employers and the public of their status.

Rosemary Butler, CIWEM’s Director of Membership & Professional Development, says: “Working for the good of our environment is a very challenging and rewarding career. Our statistics show that CIWEM is helping empower the next generation to reach their professional aspirations, whilst also giving support to professionals at all stages of their career.”

Source: CIWEM