Use low energy light bulbs in your home

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

In order to save electricity in the field of lighting you home use low energy light bulbs throughout. Not that in the UK nowadays you would be able to buy any other light bulbs, that is to say incandescent one, any more. The latter have been outlawed in Fall 2009 from sale and in due course, so it is rumored, also from use in the home. Mind you, how they want to police the use of light bulbs in the home beats me but...

Using low energy light bulbs in your home could save you, depending on the size of your home and occupants, around 100 bucks per annum.

Another form of low energy light bulbs, aside from the CFLs, are LED systems that run on low voltage, via transformers currently.

If you can go off-grid, to some extent, and get and run your own little wind turbine and you own your house, then you could run a 12V DC circuit for lighting and, well, but that is another story...

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