Target opens recycling centers in all of its 1,740 Stores

Minneapolis based Target (NYSE: TGT) announced recently that it is rolling out a massive nationwide recycling initiative with recycling centers at the front of each of its 1,740 stores in the United States.

Those recycling stations will accept aluminum, glass and plastic beverage containers, plastic bags, MP3 players, cell phones and ink cartridges.

“The launch of store recycling stations allows us to continue to partner with our guests to curb unnecessary waste in our stores and our communities,” said Shawn Gensch, vice president of brand marketing, at Target.

Over the course of the last several months, retail chain Target has ramped up its sustainability programs and image, partially in response to retail giant Walmart’s big push to become more sustainable, which includes programs to green its supply chain, use less energy and produce less waste.

But Target is not just copying the sustainability programs their friends down in Bentonville, Arkansas are rolling out (though they should probably copy some of them), they’re forging their own path with some unique programs of their own, recently announcing they would no longer sell farmed salmon.

And whether they would admit to it or not, the Target recycling move puts a bit of pressure back on Walmart to up the ante, thereby contributing to a kind of ’race to the top’ - at least until the term was commandeered by the Obama administration.

It’s also worth mentioning that Target is giving away 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid, as part of its month-long Earth Day celebration. You can enter to win online or by texting the word “green” to 827438 (Target). This competition is, obviously, only open to residents of the Unites States.

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