What seems to be the problem with public health care?

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

As someone who has grown up with and is living with “free”, well sort of free, public health care I cannot understand the rantings and ravings in the USA directed against a similar system proposed for all Americans by President Obama and his team; primarily intended for those unable to get good private health insurance.

Many of those that rant and rave against this system propose by the Obama administration make claims as to the British National Health Service (NHS) being bad and that people with cancer are more likely to die in the British health care system. Those claims are blatant lies propagated by people who know very well that their claims are falsehoods and untruths.

Those claims have been going as far as to suggest that if Professor Stephen Hawkins would be living in the UK he would not get any care under the British National Heath Service because of his condition.

They were nigh on suggesting that Professor Hawkins would be considered not worth saving on a health level.

The truth, however, is that (1) Prof Hawkins is living in the UU and (2) his care in fact comes from the NHS. So, How many more lies have those people been spinning?

All one can say is “America you have a problem” with liars like that trying to throw spanners into the works on all levels whatever President Obama is going to suggest.

Yes, mistakes and errors happen and in some hospitals MRSA and such run often rampant but being able to get care when you need it without having to worry how much an operation may cost and whether you can afford such treatment is peace of mind. More than can be said for many that fall ill in the United States.

The American system, on he other hand, where more often than not – especially insured on an individual basis and not through employment – many treatments are not covered; where premiums change if a chronic condition has emerged or where someone with a chronic condition simple cannot get cover or gets his cover withdrawn, in my opinion is not sustainable and, pardon my expressin, stinks.

The only winners of the current system in the USA are the insurance companies and definitely not the people who are paying the premiums.

While I may have no personal experience of the American system I know from people who are on the lose end of he pay scale or on no pay scale at all as to how the system fails them.

Given that the British system may not be perfect, and certainly it is not, and neither the German or the Dutch one, it definitely gives all people access to decent health care regardless of income or lack of it. All residents of the UK are covered by the National Health Service benefits and this is something that I certainly would not like to forgo.

People with chronic conditions do not lose out but are cared for and in many case for those prescription charges are waived even because of the amount it would cost them with the amount of drugs that they need.

So far the Americans that are against the proposed public heath care plane have been told nothing but lies by pastors and others, like chat show hosts of the ilk of Alex Jones and his like.

I am also aware though that no matter how much the likes of us who know the British system keep telling them to the contrary those that have been brainwashed by those pastors and others will not want to believe it.

Who pays who, I would ask...

© 2009