Go Green, Win Some Green

The original green energy provider offers cash prize drawing for customers who sign up for e-bill

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

St. Louis, MO, August 2009 : Laclede Gas customers who have considered going green by receiving their bills electronically now have a new motivation to make the switch: a chance at $1,000 cash.

All customers enrolled in Laclede’s e-bill service as of September 30, 2009 will automatically be entered into a drawing for a cash prize and a donation to the “green” charity of their choice. In October, two accounts will be randomly selected from the e-bill subscriber list. The first account holder selected will win $1,000 cash, and Laclede will make a $100 donation to his/her favorite “green” charity. The second account holder selected will win $100 cash, and Laclede will make a $50 donation to his/her “green” charity of choice. Details and official rules are available at lacledegas.com.

E-bill allows customers to receive and pay their monthly statement electronically, thereby reducing the number of paper bills Laclede prints and mails. Each year, the amount of paper Laclede uses in its monthly billing process is the environmental equivalent of powering an average American household for 26 days or nine trees that supply enough oxygen for five people for one year. As an added benefit to customers, e-bill is a faster, easier and more convenient way for customers to receive and pay their gas bill. With e-bill, there are no more paper bills to archive or shred.

This has the added advantage of being both environmentally friendly as well as good for personal information security in that you don't have any such letters that could get into the trash from where your details could get into the wrong hands.

E-bills are, as said, better for the environment, better for the company, and better for you in more than one sense.

Customer Connection is Laclede’s online account management tool that allows customers to monitor their natural gas usage and understand the variables that are driving that usage.

Monthly billing statements are archived for viewing and comparison over a 13-month period. Customers can also determine their Budget Billing amount and enroll in the program, thereby enjoying a consistent charge each month. In addition, customers may help those in need by enrolling in Dollar-Help. Current and previous year contributions Dollar-Help are tracked for reference. Later this summer, Laclede will introduce enhancements to Customer Connection that will enable customers to research usage in relation to the outside temperature; view scheduled service requests; and request natural gas service be turned off.

A subsidiary of The Laclede Group, Laclede Gas Company has provided safe and reliable service to the residents of the St. Louis metropolitan area for more than 150 years. It is the largest gas distribution company in Missouri, serving more than 630,000 natural gas customers in St. Louis and surrounding counties in Eastern Missouri.

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