Planto Harvesting Bag – Product Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

It's Harvest Time! Time for the Planto Harvesting Bag!

Harvest time is often the time when you need and wish you had at least three hands, especially when picking apples and pears and such while up a ladder.

You need to hold the b ranch, grab the fruit, hold on for dear life onto the ladder and even may have to try and hold a bucket. A bit of a difficult feat.

The Harvesting Bag from Planto available in Britain from Wellington and Barrow does away with the problem of holding the receptacle.

The Planto Harvesting Bag is a super-light, sturdy mesh container which can be carried conventionally by the handles or worn as a belt around the shoulder or hip leaving hands free for holding onto the ladder and picking the fruit. Fruit can be washed in the bag to avoid unneccessary handling and will dry off quickly in the mesh bag. It can then be stored or used straight from the bag.

The Planto Harvesting Bag is a really practical harvesting bag which can be carried in three different ways. It can be safely belted around the waist or hung over the shoulder leaving both hands free for holding onto the ladder and picking the fruit. Once safely back on the ground it can be carried more conventionally by the two comfortable sturdy handles.

The ultra light, yet strong, mesh bag has the added advantage that the collected fruit can be washed and left to dry naturally whilst still in the bag.

The size oof the bag is approx 24 x 40cm with a weight – empty, obviously – of approx. 210g. The material is a green mesh fabric which appears to be rubberrized nylon with the handles being a cordura type material. Full instructions for use of the harvesting bag are included with the bag. The price GBP 15.61 each.

While the item price for the Planto Harvesting Bag is certainly not cheap compared to an ordinary bucket or such it is a great “tool” for harvesting that should be equally at home at the allotment or in the back garden as well as on commerciall fruit farms and the health and safety guys should love it.

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