Chef'n Veggiechop from Lakeland – Product Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Chef'n Veggiechop
Lakeland Ref 12617
Price: GBP 24.49

Why a review of a kitchen gadget in a green magazine? The answer is simple in this case; it is human powered.

I could, theoretically, start and close the review with one single word: brilliant but that wold not do the little device justice.

The Veggiechop is made in China for the Chef'n company in the USA and available in Britain through Lakeland.

At GBP 24.49 this is not a cheap kitchen gadget but for that you get a quality device that does what is says on the tin – even though it comes in a cardboard box – and the results are great. No more cutting of finger trying to finely chop and onion or other vegetable.

As someone who likes cooking and also someone who is interested in not using too much energy needlessly in the kitchen human-powered devices such as this rank high on my list.

Having, previously, used a gadget that required thumping a plunger on the top to chop, say, onions the Chef'n Veggiechop so much better. In the former device it was also difficult to properly clean the blades while with the Chef'n Veggiechop this is a doddle. A couple of pulls and an onion is chopped fine enough for any purpose and depending on the amount of times you pull the cord the finer or coarser the chopped bits.

I have to admit that I have fallen in love with this device being someone who loves cooking and who loves good tools and gear in the kitchen and would not like to part with it again.

Another great product by the folks from Windermere in the English Lake District.

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