Britain deeper in recession than admitted

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

According to various sources Britain is about twice as deep in a recession than previously thought and admitted.

But how can this be? Is it not our government that keeps telling us that by early Fall in the current year or thereabouts it is all going too get better again?

Gordon and friends indeed tell us that again and again but that does not make it thus, especially considering that no one in government seems to be anywhere on this planet but, as would appear, a parallel universe or such.

The head of the German Central Bank and also other European Union finance specialists have said that we are all headed into deep trouble (to keep a polite tongue for I would have liked to use a stronger word) and that it will get a lot worse before it, eventually, may get better.

The British Prime Minister and his cronies try to browbeat the public, however, into believing that they know better than all those financial experts and that all will be back to normal – whatever normal is – in another few months.

The Governor of the Bank of England also says differently and the figures have had to be adjusted more that once already, and that adjustment was downwards.

If we but took this recession-cum-depression, however, as an opportunity by its very horns it would enable us to go green proper, in the UK and other countries too.

Instead of throwing good money after bad government should invest in small and large green venture alike to help them succeed, by way of long-term loans.

The first thing should be an alternative transport infrastructure; alternative to the motor car.

Cheap & reliable mass transit is required and cycle pathways connecting the entire country and everywhere in towns and cities – like in Germany – is what is needed and needed it is yesterday, not next week.

Instead, however, the government wants to sink money into a replacement for the Trident nuclear “deterrent”. This is more than mad and MAD.

We have an opportunity above opportunities to emerge from this recession-cum-depression as a leading light as far as a green economy is concerned but we are on the road to wasting this opportunity. Time for a U-turn and that rather sharpish.

Government is too busy, though, pandering to the military industrial complex and we can already hear the defense companies with their “if those systems and aircraft carriers are not built we will have to cut jobs”, etc., which is being used to, basically, as a means of blackmail.

But we could probably create moire “green collar jobs” in the new green industries and the green economy that we could bring about – on the long term – than any military defense contracts can and will ever do.

Will we all use this opportunity? I very much doubt if as government is too busy being blackmailed by the defense industry. What a shame.

© 2009