Easy-fill Safety Spout – Product Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Easy-fill doesn't spill

The Easy-fill safety spout prevents dangerous and expensive spillages when pouring from a can into a tank, container or other receptacle as this spout automatically shuts off the flow when you reach the level you want.

Easy-fill doesn't spill

The liquid that you are putting is also filtered as you pour and the unique design ensures smooth surge-free flow.

Easy-fill safety spout can be used with:

  • Petrol
  • Diesel
  • Water
  • Screen wash
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Turpentine
The Easy-fill spout, by nature of its unique design of a reversible collar, fits 99% of all 5 liter plastic cans and there are probably more than 99 different ways it helps avoid spills and splashes.

Easy-Fill was invented and developed by two brothers, Richard and Jim George. They own the company and the safety spout one of their patented inventions.

As brothers they have been inventing things since we were at school, primarily for use in industry and manufacturing.

The British tradition of innovative ideas, made famous by inventors like Trevor Bayliss and James Dyson, is a real inspiration to them.

Such inventors challenge conventional design and create products that are simple and effective and the safety spout is part of this tradition.

The Easy-fill safety spout is designed, manufactured and produced in Britain, and this makes it 100% British. Which makes a change from so many other products that, even if they may have been invented and designed in Britain are them made abroad, primarily China, for reasons of cost.

The Easy-fill safety spout can be ordered via the Easy-fill website using PayPal or bought from a number of different stockists nationwide.

The price on the website is GBP5.49 plus GBP1 for postage and packing making the costs GBP6.49 for UK. Interested customers from overseas please contact the company for shipping rates abroad.

I have been using previously the expensive fuel/oil combination cans with the spring-loaded cut-off spout the mechanism of which tends to break down after about a year or so and have now changed over to this spout and find it very good indeed and the spout even fits on fuel mixing bottles, by reversing the collar to the smaller thread.

It works equally well on lawnmowers as it does for strimmers and chainsaws, and other such power tools and can be very highly recommended for professional users in parks and grounds management and -maintenance, as well as for many other users and uses.

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