Scooting “Only Exercise” 40% Primary School Children Get Outside School

This week sees the start of the new school year throughout the UK and, with it, lots of children will be scooting to school on their much-loved, iconic three-wheeled Micro Scooters. Micro Scooters are now the preferred method of sustainable transport for the school run.

But a survey by has found that, despite Olympic mania having swept through Britain, scooting is often the only exercise many children get outside school.

Parents of around 700 children aged between 4 and 11 throughout the UK were asked about their children’s attitude towards sport and exercise compared to other aspects of their lives.

• What method of transport do you use for the school run?
Car 50%
Scooter 15%
Bus 11%
Bike 14%
Walk 10%

• Why does your child enjoy scooting?
It’s cool 60%
It’s fun 30%
It’s cheap 7%
It’s healthy 3%

• Other than scooting, which of these sports does your child regularly participate in outside school?
Only scooting 40%
Football 30%
Netball 15%
Cycling 10%
Swimming 5%

• Of the following, which would your child choose if only allowed to keep one item?
Phone 45%
Laptop 30%
Scooter 15%
PlayStation / X Box 10%

• On average, how much time does your child spend on a scooter each day?
1 hour 37%
30 minutes 32%
2 hours 20%
4 hours 11%

Commenting on the findings, Micro Scooter’s founders, Anna Gibson and Philippa Gogarty, said: “Scooting is accessible to children everywhere – it’s affordable and it’s fun.
Team GB athlete, Louis Smith's appearance on a Micro in the Olympic closing ceremony has seen a surge in sales of three-wheeled scooters for adults. More parents are choosing to join their children on a scooter, it seems.

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