Save the Planet

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

How are we going to save the Planet? We don't even know how to take care of ourselves. We have not learned how to care for one another. So, please someone explain how we, WE, are going to save the Planet?

There is little to nothing wrong with the Planet. She is – aside from the climate being wobbly – doing fine. It is the people that are the problem (I would have loved to use an expletive but do not dare to do so, so insert your own) and it is we that need to be saved, from ourselves. But no, Jesus ain't going to be the answer.

Compared with the people the Planet is doing fine. The Earth has been around for a few billion years and She is not going to go anywhere. It is us, the human race, who will, and that for ever, unless we can change ourselves and the system.

This means not just changing our government(s) but changing the political systems and the economic system. Capitalism is the main problem and that on, basically, all levels.

It is because of the idea that someone has to have more than someone else; that someone has to be “in charge”, has to be king, emperor, president, or whatever he (or she) may be called, that we have poor and dispossessed and super-rich and very little in the middle.

It is also that attitude of greed and wanting more than others, more power, more wealth, more possessions, that we have ravaged the Planet and brought mankind to the brink of extinction. We have succeeded to kill of many other species already and we are one of the next ones, if we are not going to do a serious about turn and change our ways.

In order to look after the Planet we need to learn to look after one another first, however, for in looking after our neighbor we will help the Planet too. For everyone to be looked after right does, however, mean that we have to change the system of exploitation and create real true equality.

From everyone according to his (or her) ability, to everyone according to his (or her) need must be the way of the new system. There is enough work to be done despite the fact that jobs seem sparse, for it is the system that creates a dearth of jobs while there is work that does not get done.

Repeat after me “The Planet is fine, it's the people that aren't” and maybe then the message gets home that we must save ourselves from ourselves while ensuring to care for the Earth too. Simple, actually...

© 2012