Made In USA Brand Celebrates Labor Day Every Day

Every day the Made In USA Brand Certification Mark logo honors the “fruits of labor” of American workers by providing a distinctive label for the products they make or grow.

gI_117102_MadeinUSALogo4cColumbus, Ohio, September 01, 2012 : Labor Day honors the contributions and achievements of American workers. Every day Made In USA Brand pays tribute to those workers by offering a logo that celebrates the “fruits of labor” of American companies, workers and farmers.

The Made In USA Brand Certification Mark logo helps create a marketplace where buyers and sellers recognize at a glance reliable, quality products made or grown in the United States.

Since its launch on Labor Day 2009, the Made In USA Brand Certification Mark logo has gained widespread acceptance as the number of registered companies to use the mark to identify their American made products and services is approaching 1000.

The Made In USA Brand Certification Mark logo creates the shape of an outstretched hand while symbolizing the United States flag. The shape of a hand stands for the products that are “made” by the hands of US workers at US companies. The logo appears in the position of a business handshake, which represents the promise of quality products made in America.

“Shoppers are becoming increasingly interested in buying local and purchasing goods made in America, because they associate them with American jobs and quality products,” stated Marcie Gabor, President, Made in USA Brand; Principal, Conrad Phillips Vutech.

“The Certification Mark logo is creating awareness for American manufacturers, retailers and growers. Registered manufacturers using the Certification Mark enable consumers to easily identify products made in the USA,” said Gabor.

Franklin International, a Columbus, Ohio based manufacturer of adhesives and sealants, has already added the Made In USA Brand Certification Mark to 40 products and hopes to reach 100. “We are proud to tell our customers that Titebond adhesives and sealants are made right here in the states. The USA-made designation carries an incredible amount of weight with a lot of people — including those who use our products,” says Mark Schroeder, Marketing Communications Director at Franklin International.

The Certification Mark is available to be downloaded by US businesses that meet the accreditation standards based on the Federal Trade Commission’s regulations for complying with made in USA origin claims found at

Among those registered to use the distinctive red, white and blue Made In USA Brand Certification Mark are: Ball Corporation, Harris Wood, The Henry Ford, Jacob Bromwell, Maxpower Precision Parts, Franklin International, and The Wooster Brush Company.

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