1926 releases Park Adventurers to encourage UK kids to embrace outdoor play this summer

Park Adventurer

Park Adventurers Game

1926 Wood Flooring has released a new downloadable game to encourage outdoor play, now the end of the school holidays have arrived. A recent study shows that nearly half of British parents are too worried about external factors such as stranger danger and traffic to let their children play outdoors *. This game, from 1926, provides a fun, educational, outdoor activity that parents can join in too.

‘Park Adventurers’ includes trivia questions about objects commonly found in parks and other natural spaces. Children will learn about natural habitats, British wildlife, litter and other facts about trees, whilst exploring their local park or natural play space. This will provide parents with last minute inspiration and will be a great alternative to DVDs and video games.

There are also sections to stick on collected items, such as leaves and pine cones, and areas to colour in with tree rubbings, as well as other fun activities that will keep children between the ages of four and eight amused during the last few weeks of the long summer holiday.

The game can be downloaded as a PDF from www.1926woodflooring.co.uk/acatalog/park-adventurers.html. There is also a badge, which can easily be added to a parent’s blog, using a simple embed code. Alternatively it can be printed out to make a real badge or sticker to reward children once the game is completed.

1926 is a UK retailer of solid wood flooring, laminate flooring and other joinery products. It stocks environmentally conscious brands such as Kahrs and is urging the British public to think more about where their natural resources come from and to enjoy the great outdoors.

1926 Trading is one of the country’s leading distributors of wood flooring, doors and carpet tiles. In recognition of its Kährs product knowledge and customer service, 1926 Trading was Kährs first choice to be awarded the status of Kährs Authorised Internet Dealer.

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