Democracy: the savior of the world?

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Democracy is always being made out to be the answer and the savior of the world and its people.

However, one has to take but one look at Hungary in 2012 to realize, and that is but one example, that democracy is not the answer at all.

Far right parties have gained and are, basically, ruling the country in Hungary and are not far off in some other European Union member states. This is where democracy leads to if one is not prepared to ban – outright – fascist organizations.

Under the system of democracy, which is, basically, mob rule, anything can happen, on a national (and international) scale and therefore the system is not what it is made out to be. On top of that, if voting would change anything voting would have been outlawed by now by the powers that be.

The fact is that under the current system of democracy, depending on the way the system is administered, it is possible for Nazi parties to come to power unchallenged even, as long as they have the necessary votes.

See where I am coming from?

Democracy is not the answer to our ills and it is not what it is claimed to be and in addition to that it can be manipulated to suit any end that whoever would wish to pursue. A little vote rigging here and little ballot stuffing there and Bob's you uncles and Fanny your aunt, as the say. It does not take much to massage the figures and the claim can then go out that this or that person or party was “democratically” elected and thus has the power.

Democracy can, will and does work, but truly and honestly only on a local level, when it comes to full participation of all. It cannot and will not work – properly – on a national, or even larger, level.

In which ever way democracy is not the savior of the world – and neither is Jesus – but only a tool that must be applied correctly and in some cases that may mean outright banning some people and groups (call them parties if you want) from standing in elections.

But, as I have said before, the system needs changing and for starters we need to get away from the notion of the nation and need to return to a real local level of self-government.

Oh dear! Now I have lost many of you, I guess... Yes, I am talking of doing away with the nation and the nation state.

But, I hear many now think if not say; we need the nation, the state, for our defence, for policing crime and order, for dealing with other countries, etc. But this is, actually, not at all true for, if there were no nations we would have no reason to fight for more territory, for that is what most wars are for, and dealing with crime, disorder and all that... that is something that can be organized in a totally different way.

Local self-government, on a totally honest basis, with the local entities all cooperating with each other, in full internationalism, will bring peace and prosperity to all, on an equal footing. And this equal footing is going to be because there will be no professional politicians and no exploiters no more. The means of production will be held and managed in the hands of those that work them and the defence and policing is going to be done by a people's militia.

But, I know, there is still the problem with Nazis... and other extremists. But without the nation, as an entity, they will wither and die, and that especially if no one – or only very few – pay heed to their garbage.

People, despite the claim by the powers that be, will never have a true stake in the current “democratic” process, which is controlled and manipulated anyway, on the basis of nation state. And the majority of the people what would like to take a more active role are prevented from doing so because it costs money to run for this or that office.

I know that this all sound more than just a little utopian but it is the only chance that we have to get away from exploitation of people and Planet. Democracy is not the savior of the world. We have to do things for ourselves and need to change the system to something new, something better, something for everyone, but on a local level.

We can do it but we must get away from the professional politicians and professional exploiters.

Sin Fein! Ourselves alone!

© 2012