Ohyo, the Collapsabottle – Product Review

Stretches to hold 500ml, squished to fit in a pocket

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

ohyoThe Ohyo Collapsabottle is, basically, the Aquatina 2.0 as it has been developed out of it. In fact, it is the Aquatina with a new name and a new lid, and the latter the real novel part as the foldable spout in the lid should prevent spillage during drinking.

The Aquatina was the invention that the Dragons of the BBC's Dragons' Den rejected and ridiculed, when the inventor presented it to them, and which, ever since, has been making quite some waves.

The new version, so to speak, under the name Ohyo, with the sippy spout should be a great bottle for inclusion in children's lunch boxes for school, filled with tap water.

It is also high time that schools provided (again), as they used to, drinking water fountains and ideally those where the kids then can fill up refillable bottles, such as the Ohyo.

I really love the idea of the sippy spout as it does away with having to unscrew the cap for drinking. However, I have found that drinking water from the spout, because air is also extracted, causes the bottle to do a bit of a deflating dance, which could be somewhat disconcerting to the uninitiated.

All in all this is a great concept, the bottle itself and now the new lid with the sippy spout, which makes it more child-friendly still.

If space in a child's bag and especially the lunch box is at a premium this bottle is a must and it is also an ideal companion, with spout or old style lid, for anyone out and about, and as more and more places now offer free tap water refill this is even more so the case.



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