T-Juice Vaping Liquid – Product Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

T-juice was founded to create amazing flavors for vapers, that is to say users of electronic cigarettes, and push “flavorvation” to new levels of excellence.

USA-Reds-copy2_sml T-Juice uses the highest quality pharmaceutical-grade Nicotine which complies with USP and EP specifications.

The liquid is produced in the UK from the highest quality ingredients which are sourced within the EU. It is not, unlike many fluids for e-cigarettes, made in China where the quality standards are not as high and thus one cannot 100% be sure as to the grade of the ingredients used.

Strict batch control ensures accountable quality in every little bottle and the fluid is compatible with all brands of electronic cigarette.

T-Juice is available in a large variety of flavors and the ones that I had the pleasure of testing were absolutely great. I just would have liked a little more oomph as to nicotine; I do like 18mg and the test samples were 11mg (1.1%) but that is what the guys wanted me to test.

As far as the flavors are concerned the tobacco versions that I tried really are very much like the real thing equivalent of a Marlborough Red or Silver (as I had the two versions of the American tobacco flavored juice).

From the taste aspect T-juice is the best that I have tested so far and if the other flavors are like the ones I have tested then, wow...

For more information see their website at http://t-juice.com/

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