Earth Friendly Products Eliminates Over 600,000 Tons of Carbon Dioxide Pollution

Green company achieves 100% renewable energy.

Garden Grove, CA : Earth Friendly Products (, a leader in manufacturing award-winning, eco-friendly cleaning products, has succeeded in using 100% renewable energy in each of its five plants during the entire manufacturing process. The energy success is the latest in a wave of

ongoing responsibility initiatives the company has mandated to continue to lead the green cleaning product industry ahead of the curve.

Earth Friendly Products, whose own solar energy panels keep their facilities 60% self-sufficient, negotiated to purchase the final 40% of energy needs from green energy, making the entire manufacturing power process 100% green. “This is by far one of our proudest moments,” said Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks, Vice President of Earth Friendly Products. “Responsibility is the driving force behind our company’s every decision and this decision is one of the biggest steps for a manufacturing company toward being carbon neutral.”

Through this initiative, Earth Friendly Products’ carbon footprint is reduced significantly, eliminating more than 600,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide pollution per year. The company has earned several accolades for its tremendous sustainability efforts, including more recently the Illinois Governor’s Sustainability Award.

The purchase of green energy will not affect product pricing and cost to consumers. Earth Friendly’s responsibility toward the environment is equivalent to the economy and their customers. No sustainable initiative has changed or raised prices for any of the Earth Friendly Products. By purchasing green power, Earth

Friendly is helping to reduce America’s dependence on foreign fuel sources. The action also supports the U.S. share of the growing renewable market, which in turn helps improve the job market. Many of their innovative initiatives have directly affected revenue, production and the company’s ability to maintain affordable pricing.

In addition, Earth Friendly Products believes company success is dually rooted in its initiatives to bolster standards of employee satisfaction and morale.

Earth Friendly Products is committed to preserving the environment through every phase of its business operations at each of its five regional manufacturing facilities that help to reduce the carbon footprint of distributing its products around the country. Earth Friendly Products has been making green a priority for two decades with more than 150 all-natural, environmentally-friendly home and industrial cleaning products.

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About Earth Friendly Products

Earth Friendly Products is the leader in the development and production of environmentally friendly cleaning supplies for household and commercial use with over 150 products manufactured, distributed, and sold in the USA, Canada, Europe, South America, and Asia. All Earth Friendly Products are created with only

replenishable and sustainable plant-based ingredients that are safe for people, pets, and the planet. The company proudly adheres to its strict "Freedom Code", a list of harmful and toxic ingredients that are not found in any its products. Earth Friendly Products has proudly received the 2010 GEELA Award for Sustainable Business Practices, 2009 Green PatriotTM Green 100TM Designation and the Champion level recognition from the US EPA through the Design for the Environment (DfE) Program's Safer Detergents Stewardship Initiative. The

company’s solar division, Progressive Power Group is just another example of how Earth Friendly Products is a sustainable business leader.

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