To No-Till Or Not To No-Till

Explore the pros and cons of no-till crops and gardens for your small farm.

As someone who’s worked on farms all over the world, you’d think I would have some experience with an organic no-till farming system. I actually have none, and that’s always bugged me. I read about no-till, and think it sounds great for land and energy conservation, but to actually coach someone through how to do it, I’m useless. When the Organic Association of Kentucky announced the topic lineup for its conference this year and there were two no-till sessions with Rodale Institute director Jeff Moyer, I thought I’d attend the first organic no-till session and then move on to a concurrent livestock session during the second. When Moyer’s first no-till session ended, I stayed in my seat—I needed to know more.

If you’re like me, wanting to know more about organic no-till farming and wondering if it’s something you want to try on your own small farm, check out the pros and cons of organic no-till.

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