Irminsul, Odal Rune and Indalo

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Irminsul_webAll of those symbols have about the same meaning though about the Indalo false stories appear to be told. All three denote free men, and in the case of the Irminsul and the Odal rune in Saxon and Norse “mythology” the signs were to denote a free farm, a free craftsman, in other words a free man.

Certain quarters, such as the Amadeu Antonio Stiftung in Germany tries to claim that the Irminsul (and the Odal rune, obviously) are always signs of antisemitic right wing extremists and -extremism. Some self-proclaimed antifascists have also had a rant and rave as regards to the Indalo that is used in Spain, often by the Gitanos as well, as a talisman and a charm for the protection of the home, for instance.

What those signs are supposed to have to do with fascism and antisemitism is an enigma to me, and to others, I am sure. Only because the runes were also used by the Nazis does not mean that anyone who uses the old Nordic symbols (or the old Saxon ones) immediately is a fascist and antisemitic.

But in the eyes of those that see antisemitic ghosts everywhere and fascists the mere use of Runes to denote the original meanings immediately is interpreted as being evil. Even eco-villages and -communities are being tarred with that brush by the people of that body mentioned above and others if they as much as dare to promote real self-reliance, by trying to be as far as possible independent from government and government interference. Should there be the Irminsul as a talisman or runes being used in any way then the hue and cry goes up immediately that those are right-wing extremists and Nazis. What better way to discredit people than to make the almost infectious as anyone who associates with those also be get the same treatment.

As soon as someone does not want to dance to the neo-liberal tune that seems to have been prescribed, nowadays, and wants to live, on his own, with his family, or in a community, live different to what is given as the way we all should be living under neo-liberalism, he, she or they are immediately labeled as fascists, as Nazis, and all the rest. And it does not just stop with being labeled. Rumors are being spread about them to all and sundries to get them out of local and not so local organizations, or prevent them becoming part of them, as well as “protests” similar to those in the 1930s where it was the cry “don't buy from Jews” and “don't associate with Jews”, with the difference that it is others that are targeted in that way. Different it is, however, not.

While the like of the Amadeu Antonio Stiftung, presently, is targeting eco-settlements of so-called folkish settlers, the eco-villages of the kins domain that are created along the lines of the Anastasia books by Vladimir Megre, and others could also soon also be labeled in the same way as could, and no doubt will, any eco-commune and such in the very near future. Those and similar individuals, families, and groups, just do not fit into the prescribed neo-liberal view and must, thus, be eliminated, even if not physically then by other means. Where would the world come to if we would allow people lo live without government interference and trying to live as much as possible outside the consumer society?

© 2016