Purslane: Friend or Foe of the Garden?

Purlane FlowerThe answer in yes, purslane can be both a friend and a foe in the garden depending on how you use it and manage it in the garden. In order to get the most from our gardens it is not only important to understand the vegetables we are growing but to know all we can about the weeds that pop up as well and purslane is one such common weed you are likely to see.

What is Purslane?

This plant is known by other names such as verdolaga, pigweed, little hogweed, redroot, pursley, and moss rose and is an annual succulent that can be found throughout the world. Purslane has smooth, reddish stems and leaves clustered at stem joints and ends. Purslane grows a small yellow flower about a 1/4″ wide and can bloom throughout the growing season. The flowers open singly at the center of the leaf cluster for only a few hours on sunny mornings. Seeds are formed in a tiny pod, which opens when the seeds are mature. Purslane has a taproot with fibrous secondary roots and is able to grow in poor compacted soils and drought.

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