Wine bottles get a second life as chic, multifunctional furniture

Tati Guimarães

Wine bottles are easy to recycle into new, more interesting and more functional objects, be they lamps, glasses or even whole buildings. Brazilian, Spain-based designer Tati Guimarães takes the pragmatic route, repurposing wine bottles into stylish, multifunctional furniture that wouldn't look out of place in a fancy living room or gathering.

We've seen the designer recycle wine corks too; here, Divinus is Guimarães' simple but clever collection of versatile pieces made out of wood and reused wine bottles. Guimarães' design studio, Ciclus, attempts to marry eco-friendly materials with a sense of elegance and depth, says Guimarães:

When designing, I go beyond functionality, beauty and sustainability. I seek to design versatile objects which convey a message, which interact with people, move them and invite them to reflect.

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