Basing the Revolution on lies

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

A Revolution based on lies will either fail to get off the ground or fail in the end.

When we attempt to create a new society, a socialist society, even a communist one, then it cannot and must not be started with the same means as are being used by the enemy of the people. It must be based on honesty and trust.

While the enemy happily uses lies against us and in general lies must not be part of our arsenal and the fact that the enemy may have trashed trust does not mean that we should resort to lies and even half-truths. Even if we are in the gutter fighting to survive it is and must not be a case of “anything goes”, including lies. The Revolution will not happen if it is based on the same falsehoods as was that that it is meant to replace.

Talking about the enemy having trashed democracy means that we must first of all have had democracy which we have not as there is no democracy in any of the places that call themselves democratic countries. Just being allowed to vote for who is going to be the next captain and crew of the ship that they continues on the same course, right towards the abyss is not democracy, not even the start of it.

Mark Twain was right when he said that if voting would make a difference they would make it illegal. As it is still legal it is but being used by the powers-that-be (but rather should not be) to keep the masses in the belief that they have a say. If voting would really make a difference in the current systems then the powers would have banned it already. But it is useful to keep the masses in a dream and that is what counts.

If we are talking about working with democracy in our respective countries then that is the first lie that we must overcome and inform the people proper that they are not living in any kind of democracy. That the so-called democracy is but a fake, a lie.

However, that is probably the smallest of the lies. Creating fake pictures, even if with noble intent, also is lying and does not advance the course, especially not if and when this lie is being discovered. The same goes for any other half-truths, untruths and outright lies.

Yes, it is true that the enemy will employ all those means against the revolution and the revolutionaries but that still does not make it right that we employ the self-same methods and lies. All it will do is make the movement out to be false and its leadership and membership to be liars and something that cannot be trusted. Lies and falsehoods destroyed the Soviet Revolution and many other countries that attempted socialism, which, alas, was but state capitalism. There were lies against people who were critical of what the leaders were doing, there were lies about production, and so many more lies.

But we, as true revolutionaries must not stoop as low as they are and use the same kind of methods of deceit and of lies, regardless of what they are doing in that way. Our path must be the shining path of truth for only when we are honest with ourselves and with the people will the people back our cause which is, ultimately, their cause.

The system cannot be changed by the same means that it uses, be it lies, deception or others, though there may be a validation for the use of arms.

The revolutionary must be true to himself and with and to the working class and thus any untruths, however small, have no place in this.

© 2015