5 Colorful Cauliflower Varieties To Grow

With a massive heatwave underway here in South Carolina, I can’t help but daydream about fall and its cool-weather crops. It’s the only way to stay sane in the 100-plus degrees with what seems like 100-percent humidity. This hopeful thinking has me considering which types of cauliflower to include in the garden this year. The following are a short list of several cultivars that can add some interest to this often-overlooked vegetable.

1. Purple of Sicily Cauliflower

Purple CauliflowerSteph L/Flickr

An Italian heirloom, Purple of Sicily cauliflower is known for its delicate mild flavor and gorgeous deep-purple heads, which range between two and three pounds—large enough to serve an entire family. It also has a high degree of insect resistance, making a great choice for the garden. When cooked, the brilliant purple color fades to light green.

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