Council bans gardeners from selling fruit and veg grown on allotments

Jobsworth council bans gardeners from selling fruit and veg grown on their allotments - because just ONE person complained

  • Gardeners started selling produce to raise funds to improve allotments

  • Spent weeks supplying fruit and vegetables to their friends and neighbours

  • But they were ordered to stop after one resident complained to the council

Homegrown: The gardeners had hoped to raise money to improve the allotment site in Bolton, pictured

A group of gardeners were banned from selling fresh fruit and vegetables grown on their allotments after the council received a single complaint about the enterprise.

The group, who call themselves The Plotties, started selling their produce to raise funds to help improve the site in Bolton, Greater Manchester.

They had hoped to buy a year-round composting toilet, and to build a community room where they could teach others about growing and gardening.

But after weeks of selling their greens to friends and neighbours, The Plotties received a notice from the local council ordering them to stop.

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