Scythe sharpening stone carrier – Reuse Recipe

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

2PtMilkJugtoScytheSharpening1The Austrian scythe, unlike the old English scythe and the standard German and American ones, is sharpened wet with a “flat” stone and water and, as resharpening is done every five or ten minutes during work, and the stone or stones should be kept wet, thus a means of carrying stone or stones in water is required.

While it is possible to purchase a variety of different kinds of holders for stones (with a water reservoir) upcyling a two pint plastic milk jug is still a better and cheaper and at the same time keeps at least one of those things out of the waste stream.

If you leave the handle section in place, as shown in the photos, then, theoretically, you could attach the entire thing with water and stone(s) inside it on to your belt or, alternatively, use a sash for carrying it across the shoulder.

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