You ignorance is their power

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Your ignorance of what is going on in the world, you ignorance of your rights and their responsibilities, is what given them power over you.

It is also your ignorance on how things should run, on political issues, on issues of the world, the financial world, and much more, that gives them who have placed themselves above you their power over you.

They are your servants not you theirs. We pay their salaries. When you remember that they already lose some of their power over you, and this also goes for the police. They are public servants, and thus your servants and not the other way round.

Many people may disagree with the policies of their government, if they are in the least informed, but still believe that they HAVE to support the government which is in power. In the same way that despite being sent to illegal war they believe that they have to support the troops.

How can you support a government that is riding roughshod over your rights? But in their ignorance many people allow just that too happen and still, regardless of disagreeing with the actions of the government believe that they have to support the government that is in power.

Lean how the system works and you will see that the system that we have at present was designed to keep the people under control while, at the same time, have the people believe that they have control through elections.

If elections would make a difference they would have outlawed them ages ago. Therefore do not believe that voting, in the system that we currently have and which is claimed to be a democratic one, makes the slightest bit of a difference in who is running our respective countries.

Our governments are but puppets put there not by us – though we are led to believe that that is the case – but by those that really are in control and it is those that will run our countries regardless of which party or president is in “power”.

Often someone will say that the system, and here referring to both the political and the economic one, is broken but the truth is that it is not; it was designed this way. This means that whatever we do, whoever we elect, makes not one iota of a difference. Only a total change of system, the bringing about of a new, an entirely new, system, in both the political and the economic spectrum with make a difference and will bring about change.

This will, however, require a real revolution and one that that must be sustained and not, like in so many cases before, hands power back to an elite who, in turn, will then create their fiefdoms again and lord it over the people.

Such a revolution must be guarded for ever so that it remains the people who are in power and control and not usurpers who return everyone back to the way it has always been; rulers and ruled.

We need not a new government but a new system entirely.

© 2013