Ryanair exploits staff

Join Ryanair! See the world! But you'll only get paid for nine months a year

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Ryanair and their contractors Crewlink Ltd, are ripping of air crew and are treating them like dirt.

Ryanair_planeAccording to one air hostess of that airline she had to purchase the airline's uniform for £360 out of her own money and was forced to spend another £1,800 of her own money on a safety course.
In addition to that, according to the same source, air hosts get only paid for the hours they spent "in the air" but not the time on the ground because of delays and cancellations, time between flights, meetings or staff briefings.
Luciana Berger, MP, accused chief executive Michael O'Leary of treating his staff badly and called this “exploitation by Ryanair – pure and simple”. There is nothing to add to that, I think, is there.

In order to beat any possible competition O'Leary and Ryanair use every possible trick in the book and while their fares look cheap we have to consider the other costs, and that is just aside from the fact that passengers get charged for each and every item of luggage, for food and drink on board, etc. But it can get you from London to some obscure airport in Germany for around £40 each way or such. A lot cheaper than any other airline and a great deal – a very great deal – cheaper than going by train.

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