Bedroom tax is killing people

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Despite what the Con-Dem coalition of Cameron and Clegg may want the people to believe the so-called bedroom tax is a very serious issue to many people.

Oppose-the-Bedroom-tax-e1363101953740This levy, referred to by people in Britain as “bedroom tax”, is applied to everyone who is receiving housing benefit and who lives in a home that has a “spare” bedroom. People will either lose part of the money or they will be forced to move and that could include families who were previously housed in the home they are in regardless of the fact that it may have had an extra bedroom.

Some people, facing hardships through this action by this cowardly regime of Conservatives and Liberal-Democrats (where they are liberal beats me), have already taken their own lives and laid the blame fairly and squarely at the door of government.

The implementation of this “tax” is passed from Whitehall to the local authorities and despite what the Cameron-Clegg regime is telling the public that the local authorities have great freedom as to how to implement this the truth on the ground appears to be a totally different one in that, so it would appear the local councils do not, actually, have been given real discretionary powers in this.

Instead of having the corporations and banks pay their way they tax the ordinary people to death, literally, and try to do it in such a way even that the people might blame the local authorities for it rather than the ones sitting in their ivory towers in Whitehall.

Time for more than just the usual change. It is time for a real serious change, a change in system not government. A change to a system without a government.

© 2013