Production instead of consumption

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

The greatest change that we need to make today is from consumption to production and this first and foremost in the field – pardon the pun – of food production, even if only on a small scale, in our own gardens. If only ten percent of us would be doing that there would be enough for everyone.

But it must also go further than just gardening, in this case, for food for the table. This change from consumption to production must also include other aspects of our life.

We must learn to make things again for our needs and that, like our forebears, from items of waste even, and from scratch or almost scratch.

While not everyone can make their own cloth or leather or wool everyone can learn how to sew and make their own (simple) clothes, their own leather goods, and knit and crochet using wool or other (natural) yarn.

Growing your own food is, obviously, in most instances, easier than producing other items though via reuse, repurposing and upcycling much is possible which means that those things you do not have to spend money on.

As far as producing our own food, especially in the way of vegetables, we all should do it wherever possible and even on a patio or balcony food can be grown which can make you, at least to some extent, self-reliant in that department.

Remember that every Dollar, every Pound, every Euro, that you spend is a vote for how you want the world to be. Boycott consumerism, and that includes the new green consumerism, aka “greensumption”, and go your own way producing as much as possible yourself or as a cooperative with others.

A great many people have begun to switch from “ordinary” goods to “green” goods but still are in the same cycle, or should it say rat run, of consumerism and consumption as before even though the goods may have a little less impact on the environment in their production than the “ordinary” ones. But it is still the same race of more, more, more, though those are “green” products that they buy more of. It makes no difference whether your consumption is of supposedly green goods and services or of conventional ones; consumerism and consumption remains the same.

Vote with your pocketbook not only as to what kind of goods you buy but as to what you buy. Your vote in this way can also send a message to the makers that you want not only goods and services that are ethically and environmentally sound but goods that can be repaired, for instance.

Many so-called green goods maybe produced in an ethical and environmentally sound way but more often than not they still cannot be repaired, whether by a repairman or by yourself. Without repairability there is no change in the way things need to be replaced.

If, however, you produce as much as possible yourself, by whichever means, and then only buy what you really need and cannot produce yourself and then consciously, such as environmentally friendly and repairable goods, you vote for less waste and for goods that are properly sustainable.

Let's change the world and the system, one step and one person at a time. Everyone can do his or her part in this. Let's do it!

© 2013