Boost butterfly numbers with ‘Buzz’™

‘Save Our Butterflies’ Week 18th - 26th May

ButterflyLast summer’s disastrous impact on our butterfly population has been widely reported in recent weeks. So what can we do about dwindling butterfly numbers in ‘Save Our Butterflies’ Week?

‘Plant Buddleja ‘Buzz’™!’ is the resounding response from Thompson & Morgan’s horticultural manager, Andrew Tokely.

‘Buddleja - or the ‘butterfly bush’ as it is often called – is well known as the plant that attracts the most different species of butterfly’.

Experts at the charity, Butterfly Conservation, warn that many species may be on the brink of extinction after the ‘washout summer’ of 2012.

Even before last year’s unseasonably wet weather, butterfly numbers were on the decline. Butterfly Conservation is running a series of events across the UK from May 18th to the 26th encouraging people to keep an eye out for some of our most threatened and little-known butterflies, like the Green Hairstreak and the Wood White. We’re all keeping our fingers crossed for better weather this summer, but gardeners can help by planting butterfly-friendly plants, such as buddleja, in their gardens to provide the nectar that butterflies feed on.

Already a runaway success with T&M customers, Buddleja ‘Buzz’™ was specifically bred by Thompson & Morgan plant breeders to be a dwarf variety. Multi award-winning ‘Buzz’™ is quite unlike traditional buddleja plants which have a reputation for growing too tall and taking over the garden. Dwarf and compact, Buddleja ‘Buzz’™ still boasts all the qualities its larger cousins are famous for, such as the huge sprays of attractive flowers that are known to be a vital nectar source for butterflies. Plants are smothered in flowers all summer long and grow to just three feet (one metre) high.

Thompson & Morgan is urging its customers to do their bit for butterfly conservation by planting buddleja ‘Buzz’™ in their gardens. It is offering a 3 jumbo plug plant collection comprising 3 stunning colours from the ‘Buzz’™ range for just £9.99, saving £19.98 from the rrp. Perfectly proportioned for patio pots and smaller gardens,

‘Buzz’™ is very easy to grow, problem-free and has an impressively long flowering period.

To place an order, customers can call 0844 573 1818 or visit

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